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There are several cold hardy Agave species, cold tolerant Yucca species, and cold hardy cactus species that can bring that desert feel to your garden.  Even in climates where winters get pretty cold these species can survive once they are established if given very good winter drainage.  The species below are my short list of species to try. 


I will soon offers seeds of these cold hardy Agave and Yucca-like species; the most cold hardy species I am aware of:

Supposedly hardy to

Agave neomexicana                       -20 F               Zone 5            more info from

Agave utahensis v kaibabensis     -10 F               Zone 6            more info from

Agave parryi v huachucensis         12F to –20F   Zone 7            more info from


Yucca glauca- low growing             0 F to -10 F    Zone 6            more info from

Yucca brevifolia v jaegeriana -tree10 F to -10 F Zone 7            more info from

Yucca faxoniana - tree                    10 F to 0 F     Zone 7            more info from

Yucca rostrata - tree                         10 F to 0 F     Zone 7            more info from

Yucca thompsoniana - tree            10 F to 0 F     Zone 7            more info from


Hesperaloe parviflora -‘red yucca’ 10 F to 0 F     Zone 7            more info from


Very hardy Cactus seeds:


Echinocereus reichenbachii           0 F (maybe less) Zone 7-     more info from


Escobaria vivipara                           -30 F               Zone 4            more info from


Opuntia mix                                       0 F (maybe less)zone 7-      more info from

            A mix of various beavertail type Opuntia cacti seeds


I hope to offer seeds of these cold hardy Agave and Yucca species very soon.  A packet of 10 seeds will sell for $2.99. 

$2.50 shipping per order (unlimited packets).

Please email me if you are interested in pre-ordering these hard-to-find frost tolerant species:


USDA zone map


Cultivation of Agave and Yucca from Benny


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